Prior Pups

Working with Dana and Rob Kesselring was a delight. They loved Grace and socialized her so that she was just perfect when I received her. They communicated during the waiting period and sent pictures most every week so I could watch Grace during the first 8 weeks while she was still in Nebraska. The whole experience was great and Grace is just the apple of my eye!

I recommend this family who raise Spanish Water dogs, horses, children in a very loving environment.

Capt. Kathy Martin, proud owner of Grace

We love both of the pups so much…Maggie is such a sweet heart and such a beauty. We renamed Jack, Picasso, because he is just so creative…..getting himself into trouble, but in a nice way. He is still quite a lap dog, too…always wanting to be held and cuddled. The two play almost day and night, except for short naps….that’s why getting a picture of them is difficult. They really loved all the  snow we had this year and we got so much enjoyment watching them….like watching children play in the snow. I am enclosing some pictures of that.

Hope all is well out your way.

Mary, proud owner of Maggie and Picasso

Just an overdue note from Brenda, Les, Ziggy & Marlin to say hello and to share some stories & pictures of the great life our pals have here in Florida!  We had a wonderful addition to our family when we got (Bruno) now Ziggy from the both of you from your 10-01-09 Spanish Waterdog litter. Marlin & Ziggy have become great playmates, best pals, so much fun for us& the loves of our lives! Ziggy will be 2 on October 1st & Marlin will be 4 on December 26th. We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures & hearing some and stories!
It is so amazing how their personalities are so different, but at the same time they have so many of the same little funny characteristics. They are truly both clowns in curly coats! They both absolutely love the water! Ziggy will go right into the pool whenever he feels like it! He swims all around for a very long time–he does his laps, swims to the steps gets out and does his very own crazy little shaking that he wiggles himself all the way down to his little wiggly butt!  That is when we call him his nickname “Ziggy wiggy.” It’s all the cuter since his left butts black & his right butts white! Just too cute! When Ziggy eats his own food like aHoovervacuum, he then helps himself to marlin’s silver bowl. We tell him not to be a double diner and call him “Ziggy piggy” marlin will only get in the water if we throw in the ball, toy or Frisbee because he loves to stand on the steps and wait for us to say “ready———go!!” Then he does a little belly flop dive, does the doggie paddle swim, gets the ball, toy or Frisbee and he loves to fetch over & over & over & over! He’ll go all day long if we let him, but we have to take turns with Ziggy!  They both love it!
Almost every time at the beach they both come out of the water side by side with half of the toy in each of their mouths!  Everyone on the island always comments on how cute that is! They are our happy boaters and a day on the island is their absolute favorite! It’s a day of running, chasing after little fish, playing fetch, swimming and meeting lots of other puppy pals and kids on the island———-they’re like Spanish Waterdog magnets to these dogs! All the kids immediately turn into built-in doggy sitters for a day! They love to throw a football or any kind of a ball and they always end up playing the hot potato game! But guess what? These dogs are just a little to quick for kids! Needless to say Marlin & Ziggy never stay awake on the boat ride in! They lay on their matching towels and are usually down for the count for much of the next day! It’s a great workout! they both also love walks on their matching leaches, love to go for rides and love the doggie day care and dog park! Marlin is usually the leader and Ziggy does the following! For Ziggy it’s monkey see——monkey do and he has no fear! Sometimes a little skeptical, but it only takes him once to do something and then he’s a pro! They’re both so—— smart!
“Marley Marlin” as I call him is much more independent and prefers to go off on his own and be the leader! They both like to take turns in their big cage, but marlin mostly likes nap time in the cage and Ziggy loves to lay under things like dining room chairs, the coffee table & also his head under the bed. He’s also quite a little lap dog and loves to cuddle & get a nice massage! They both love a good belly rub and can lay belly up for marathon periods of time!Bathtime is loved by both and they love the tlc!
Ziggy is very funny when he’s getting the doggie shampoo rubdown because he enjoys it so much that he moans & groans! They are both so smart and comprehend as much vocabulary as a 7 year old kid! Ziggy is the most vocal dog we both have ever heard! He does allot of silly whining, moaning, groaning, makes big loud sighs and does allot of doggie talk & cute little howling noises! He sure has allot to say—-wish we could understand it all! And the more you talk back to him the more he has to say! It’s very entertaining!
They are both awesome dogs & we have allot to brag about! overall, marlin is very sweet & Ziggy is quite a little instigator towards marlin so ———-I call them——— “Mommy’s sweet Marlin” & “Daddy’s little demon” both Marlin & Ziggy have been on my husbands company 9 passenger plane to the Bahamas with us and right on board—-nothing but first class for our boys! I’d like to someday soon have a nice professional photograph of the 4 of us of course Les & I will be wearing black & white to coordinate with our kids! Well we could go on & on about these joys in our life, but we’ll save some time for you to look at our pictures! We would love to hear back from you, but we especially just wanted you to know that Ziggy is a happy & healthy boy and is loved very much by all! Thank-you for the joy you bring others with this wonderful breed of dog!

Les and Brenda Traver, proud owners of Ziggy and Marlin